Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Settling Into Life in the UAE

I've come to the realization that the first few of my blog post were not so positive. I have not blogged in quite some time most likely due to the fact that I am finally content here. I no longer have a need to use this space to bash life in the UAE. In other words: Life is good!
Our attitude about being here has completely changed. We are finally at the point where we can say that this is home; at least for now. It's not as though to say that this feeling arose overnight. Quite the contrary. It was a rather slow progression of events. However, at one point I realized I could either resent the UAE for its many imperfections or accept the UAE for what it is and appreciate its beauty. I chose the latter. However, there were a few things that helped me change my attitude.
First of all we changed villas. We now have a much nicer villa (one that isn't sinking...at least not for now). We were truly blessed by the move in so many ways. One of them being that we were actually compensated for moving expenses including the cost of putting in a new lawn. This display of effort truly restored my faith in the UAE and its proceses. Additionally we have made great friends. We now have friends and neighbors we can call on when needed and people to rely on for spiritual support. It's such a great feeling to know we can pop over to our friends' house when we need encouragement or just someone to keep us company. And lastly, we have settled into a routine. Pete now works days and although he works long hours, he is on a regular sleep schedule. He no longer needs to catch his zzz's during the day when Izzy and I are awake. This has been a major improvement in our overall quality of life. In addition Izzy has plenty of little friends to keep her occupied. She will be starting her second session of swimming lessons at the pool within our compound in just a few days.
So, this is just a short overview of how our attitudes about life in the UAE have changed. I hope this helps you all to get a glimpse into our lives. We have been truly blessed in so many ways. We might even be staying for another 2 years!!!