Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost there...the art of being patient

We finally signed the lease for our villa this past Thursday and have a tentitive move in date of next Thursday. The UAE remains a "logic free" zone. I have been quite frustrated with the way things work around here. Both Pete and I are learning to be more patient but lately he has been mastering the technique a little better than I have. If I can make it through the next week everything will be okay.
Fortunately we have learned that there is a little more to do in the UAE besides shopping. We have been pondering the absence of tourist attractions in the region for the past few weeks. Yesterday we stumbled across Sir Bani Yas island. It can only be reached by boat or plane. As well as being a wildlife sanctuary it also boasts a seventh century monestary which is the only known Christian remnant in the region prior to the arrival of Islam. We are planning a trip in the next couple months.
Of course the island is also home to a rather expensive resort and all visitors are required to stay at the resort. Luckily it should be an easy trip to take with the little one who I am currently fending off of the keyboard. Better go focus on her. Will post pics and an update of her soon.
Much love

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