Monday, February 27, 2012

Answers...or Lack There-of

So we met with the local surgeon today and unfortunately didn't get the answers we expected. The following is a short-hand explanation of our 1.5 hour meeting:

- Surgery to remove the primary tumor is not the best option at this time.
- Dr. believes primary tumor has slightly decreased in size and that CT scans are not always great indicators of size and placement of tumors. This gives us hope!!!
- Radiation followed by surgery on primary tumor may be an option if the radiation has an affect on size of tumor however, we run the risk of cancer growing and/or spreading if we focus on only one area and take our focus off the systemic disease (whole body).
- Dr. thinks lungs are primary area of concern due to the fact that lung nodules are spread throughout the lungs therefore making them difficult to remove surgically. In addition, they cannot use radiation as a treatment option for the lungs. Chemo is our only hope for attacking the cancer in the lungs.
- Dr. feels continuing chemo is the best option at this time but is willing to consider and research other paths.
- Dr. will confer with oncologist and radiation oncologist to determine next steps.
- Dr. feels cancer vaccine trial down at City of Hope medical center in Duarte, Ca is a great option. Pete has an appointment for an initial exam to determine eligibility on March 15th.

As always, we are overwhelmed with information. Pete is scheduled for his 4th chemo session on Thursday and despite our best efforts he'll receive his infusion.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. And as always, thank you for your continued love, support, and prayers as we face this head on. These next few weeks will be spent seeking second and third opinions and we're hoping for some better answers.

With love,

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