Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Goodyear, AZ

So, after not being so happy with the choices given to us by the local specialist, we have decided to take it up a notch! We'll be headed to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear, AZ for 5 days on Wednesday March, 7th. My mother-in-law had originally suggested seeking treatment at the center but we  declined due to our desire to stay close to home. However, as we move further into this process, we have come to the conclusion that a more advanced, integrated approach to care is necessary for Pete's specific case. The center in Arizona is an all-in-one stop for cancer care and we are very anxious to see what it has to offer Pete once we are there in person.
During our five day visit at the center we will be visiting will all the specialists including an oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, nutritionist, and naturopathic oncologist. In addition Pete will have the port placement and receive his next round of chemo all before we return home. The fact that we will be meeting with everyone in one visit will hopefully eliminate all the "sit and wait" that we have been experiencing with the local specialists.
Please pray for us as we take this next step towards full recovery. We are very nervous about leaving the kids as the most we have ever been away from them is one night. They'll be cared for by my mom and step-dad so we know they'll be in great hands. Thank you again, for all your prayers and support.

With love,

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