Friday, October 5, 2012

Giving Thanks with a Joyful Heart {Eucharisteo}

If you've read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp then you will understand the meaning of the word I am about to introduce;


As I stood in my living room this morning doing yoga, while searching for something to fix my eyes upon and steady my tree pose, I came upon a gorgeous picture. I've always loved this picture, but for the first time I really felt the life of that not so long-ago captured moment, leap from the photo. My heart immediately overflowed with that bolded word above. That gorgeous word author Ann Voskamp explains in such depth in her book. The act and feeling of Eucharisteo. I felt the depth of it's beauty and joy explode at the moment I laid eyes on it and it struck me how important it is to maintain this thankfulness, beauty and joy in our lives. The one that is not only thought of and spoken about but played out in our lives.

Here it is. Here's the picture that screamed this with such intensity that it left me with an overwhelming feeling of joy and thankfulness in my heart.

Thank you Lord that you have used and continue to use us. Help us to be truly grateful in our daily lives. Not just to say thanks but to act on it. Help us to experience true joy in you and to have complete faith that you are in control of our destinies. Help us to remember that we have been blessed and therefore should be a blessing to others. Thank you Lord for a renewed day. One that you have granted us with expectations that we will live for you. Thank you Lord Jesus for these daily reminders. Amen.

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