Friday, March 13, 2009

Seasoned Traveler

So Izzy did wonderfully on her first flight! Early Sunday morning we started our trek down to the Sacramento airport in order to board a flight to Idaho. I was running on very little sleep due to the fact that we attended a wedding the night before, we lost an hour in the time change, and college students being loud at my brother's house while we were trying to sleep. I was literally a walking zombie! However, I learned my lesson. During the many years I travelled by myself I never cared what times the flights left as long as the tickets were cheap. Unfortunately I still had that mindset when I booked our tickets to Idaho; causing me to book a flight leaving at 6am.
Nevertheless, we made it to Idaho without a hitch. I was so worried that Izzy was going to experience ear pain during take off and landing, but she did great. She slept the whole time and didn't make a peep. Many passengers commented on how well she travelled. During the return trip she sat quietly on my lap and looked out at the fellow passengers. It was too cute!
Well, Idaho was definitely an adventure. It was really important for me to see my grandmother after her recent heart attack and surgery. She was so blessed by us being there and it was such a joy to see her interact with Izzy.
Just 7 more days until we are off on our next adventure. Can't wait to see all our family.

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