Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life's UPs and downs

Family Update

This week has been rough. Pete and I could not be more excited about the fact that our villa will soon be ready. We were recently made aware of the miscommunications that can arise when living with people who do not have children. A few nights ago our roommate became quite irate over a simple misunderstanding. During this incident, I felt an increasing reassurance in our belief in Jesus Christ. As Christians one of the lessons we are taught is to forgive one another. Our roommate could not seem to grasp this concept. She refused to drop the “issue” until she was positive I had delivered a sincere apology. Finally, after about 20 minutes of unnecessary insults (on her behalf), she agreed to end the conversation and move on. Needless to say, things in the house are feeling a bit awkward today.
All of this took place after we arrived home from an amazing night of food and fellowship at the house of a friend from church. Last week we decided to sign up for an event called Adventures in Fellowship. This is an event in which a person or family of a specific nationality hosts a dinner at their house with the goal of introducing others to their culture. We were invited to the house of a British woman. Joining us were a Nigerian family and a woman from Belorussia. Although a few of us had seen each other at church, we had not yet had the opportunity to really get to know one another. Pete and I were so inspired to hear about each person’s walk with the Lord. They were all amazing people and it was such an honor to be in their presence!
So, with that all said…with every good thing bad also follows. However; we feel so encouraged by the plans God is carrying out on our behalf. We could never have imagined that such a wonderful church family would exist in a predominately Muslim country. Thank you for all your support and prayers. XOXOXO

Izzy Update

Izzy had her 4 month check-up on April 22nd. She weighed 15.2 lbs which is 6.9 kgs. During this appointment she received 2 shots and an oral vaccine. Unfortunately she screamed and screamed after the shots. Finally the Dr. said, "Give her to her father; he will clam her down." Sure enough, it worked! Soon after that she was all smiles again.
The Dr. was great. She was very competent and encouraged me to call her with any questions or concerns. She also suggested I try giving Izzy some pure rice cereal before bed to help her sleep more soundly. I struggled with the idea but soon decided to try it as I'm desperate for sleep. Izzy loved the cereal but it did not help her her sleep better at all. Nevertheless, I will continue to give it to her once a day. Of course she loves her mealtimes but she especially seems to love the novelty of eating with a spoon. She loves to get messy. I will post pics soon.
She is also being transitioned to her own room and cradle. We found a baby monitor that works well through these cement walls and she is doing much better on her own. Last night she only woke up 2 times!
Her personality is starting to develop so much more. She has started to really giggle. It is the cutest thing. Today she was smitten over the fact that I was singing her "Father Abraham" (the old Sunday school tune). She is so cute.

Keep in touch. Much love.

The St. Germains

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  1. Definitely need to see some pics of Izzy enjoying mealtime! haha!