Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reunited again

So, many of you might be wondering, "What happened to the St. Germains?" Fortunately we are doing great. We have been forced to take an internet hiatus due to the fact that we do not yet have internet access in our temporary home. A friend has graciously loaned me their computer for the afternoon in order to tell you all how we are adjusting to life in the UAE.
On March 31st after a frustrating few days, our family was reunited once again in Abu Dhabi, UAE. For those of you who were not informed, our flight was cancelled out of North Carolina due to severe weather. This event caused us to miss our connecting flight in New York to Abu Dhabi. Luckily we were able to stay one more night in Charlotte, NC before heading out the next day.
The flight was wonderful. Izzy slept almost the whole time (13 hours) and when she was awake she was all smiles. I was very anxious so I did not get much sleep. The flight crew was wonderful and took very good care of us the whole way. If you ever decide to come this way I highly recommend Etihad Airways.
Our past week here has gone very smoothly. The country is very westernized and there are many expatriates from all over the world. After we stepped off the airplane and made our way through customs I was greeted by a wonderful sight...Starbucks (that's right Rick, you would not be deprived of your daily cup over here!).
Our main adjustment has been the sleep cycle. Izzy is doing quite well other than her teething pain which sometimes keeps her up at night. However, I have not quite established my sleeping schedule yet. Pete works nights which has made it hard for all of us to adjust.
There is plenty to do here during the day. The community we are living in has a pool, beach access, and a workout club. Although I enjoy where we are living now, it is only temporary. We spent two days with a realtor in search of the perfect place and found it today. It is a small gated community of only 10 villas but it is quiet and very safe. It even has a backyard for Kyp! We plan on bringing him over as soon as we are established.
We also found a great group of people at church. We went to church on Friday (friday is their sunday) and met from all over the world. After the service we went to lunch with 6 other couples. We plan on attending whenever we can. I also plan on joining the mom's group which meets every Monday.
Well, ,life here is great. Things are slowly coming together. We purchased our first set of furniture and will slowly be buying things to furnish our new home. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon. Keep in touch and bye for now.


  1. I love reading about your adventures. Sounds like things are going well for your little family. We sure miss you here. Kip is doing great. He is the best dog ever. He seems to have adjusted fine to being with us. However, I know you miss him and it will be special for Izzy to grow up with her dog. What rooms did you buy furniture for? Are you still planning on having furniture from here shipped over? I really want to plan a trip there by next year. We love you lots. MOM

  2. What an adventure. Wish I could have seen you and the baby before you left. Take care.

  3. Sounds like things are going well. It is nice to hear that you and your family are doing good. Keep us posted on upcoming teething stories. :) I am with your mom and planning a trip next year to visit you!!! Take care lysha girl!