Friday, July 17, 2009

The house is finally ready!

Many of you have asked for pictures of the house so you can get an idea of how we live. Luckily our shipment of household goods finally arrived last week and we were finally able to get settled. Things were a bit hectic for a few days; we even survived a faiting episode (but not to worry, I am feeling fine).

Pete relished in the glory of his new drill and everyday after work he would scour the house for pictures needing hanging, etc.. He took his duties quite seriously and did a wonderful job placing all of our artwork.

We felt quite rushed due to the fact that we were working on a deadline. We had promised to host small group just a few days after the shipment arrived and we needed to have everything in order before then. As we unpacked the boxes we were in awe at the sheer amount of stuff we have. We also wondered why we packed certain things. What were we thinking! I was quite frustrated that Izzy was too big to fit some of her clothes or her swing :(

Anyways, here are the photos of our place now that we are settled.


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