Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Six Degrees to Izzy

We've been meaning to make a post just of our favorite pix that capture the ever-growing personality that Izzy has been developing. So here it is; the long-awaited Izzy photo essay!

Infant UFC -

Welcome to Fuddruckers! -

Stroller shyness -

Miss Giggles -

Ohh, toes...

Yummy Yams -

Golly gee guys! -

Adoration -

Gift wrap by Victoria's Secret -

Heaven sent -

A girl's best friend -

Super Izzy -

Zoolander: "I have a new look. I call it..."

'Blue Steel'

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  1. you dont know me but just for fun I clicked 'next blog' and then found yours. Ive had lots of fun reading about your adventures. ;-) Im a christian girl too!

    Anyway if you want to stop by and say hi here is my blog. :-)
    Hugs from Australia