Sunday, July 26, 2009

This has got to stop

So for the past ffew weeks I have felt like I was actually making progress in the frustration department. I have been starting to let things slide a little more only because I know that the more I let things get to me, the more this place will wear on me. However, after today I have had it. If it means standing in front of the property management office with a sign and picketing, I will do it! and I mean it!

Many of you have heard about our traumas with the sinking sand and the breaking wall on the outside of our villa. We were promised it would be fied before we moved in which I am convinced was only a ploy to get us to sign the lease so they could get their money. Nevertheless, it was not fixed and the problem is only getting worse. The hole has gone from a hairline fracture to a huge gap so big that our dog can escape the back yard. This is caused by the fact that everything sinks in sand (quicksand) and the ground was not compacted properly before building on it. They assured us that the structure of our villas was not compromised by this problem and that the sand was in fact compacted under the foundation of the villa itself.

That's not all. They offered for us to switch villas to a much less desirable location but we were willing to do it. But, get this, they would not help us with any of the moving expenses. We have paid $1000.00 to have our backyard landscaped (grass and sprinkler system only, that does not work properly) and we have bought custom curtains to fit all the windows in our house. This is a must due to the fact that contractors think it is necessary to install windows the size of the Grand Canyon in every villa and apartment.

However, we might have decided to switch villas afterall had we known what I was going to discover only a few days later. As I walked around the side of the house I fell into the sidewalk. My foot stopped sinking halfway up my shin. The sand had settled so drastically in that area that the sidewalk, which is attached to the house, is falling in. This led us to believe that the sand under the villa is in fact settling. We were able to stick a broom handle down into the hole which is now partly under Isabella's room. Now, I am stressed that the concrete wall is going to collapse on our 7 month old daughter. If that doesn't make you nervous as a mom, what will?!?!?!

On top of that we have had numerous water leaks (approx. 7-8). Most of the time when maintenance arrives they tell us some sob story about how they cannot fix the problem and tell us to call them tomorrow. Now, when I call maintenance Pete tells me to use my "angry voice". Its the only way to get things done around here.

Needless to say, the reason I am finally fed up is the fact that Pete just went to open the patio door and the handle broke off in his hand! Maintenance has already been here once today and I am fed up!
So now I sit and wait for the director to call me back. Wish me luck!

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