Saturday, December 10, 2011


I struggle to know where to begin. How do you even begin to describe an event that will forever change your life? How do you react when you are faced with losing the one you love? This is the true test, I guess. The way we react is the key to our success. We must think positively and trust in the Lord. At least, this is the plan.
Not even a week ago Pete went in for a colonoscopy. What I thought was a routine procedure to explore the cause of some intestinal issues turned out to be a nightmare. At the most, I expected a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis; a disease inherited from my mother-in-law. However, the news I received just blew me away. The phone rang, it was Pete. He said, "The doctor wants to talk to you." As I waited anxiously on the line I asked my mom, "Why do you think the doctor would want to talk to me?" She was at a loss. As soon as the doctor came on the line he stated, "We found a mass in his colon; we think it's cancer." CANCER??? The word pierced straight to my heart. How could that be, I thought. He's only 31. I began to sob. "I can't lose him. I just can't lose him," I repeated. 
And therein started the weeklong chain of events that leads us to where we are today. Pete was given a definitive diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer that has spread to his lungs and some lymph-nodes. There you have it, a very active 31 year old mountain climber, father, husband, brother, and son who has CANCER. But where do we go from here? How do we move forward? My answer, we just do. Because we have no other choice. Because there is nothing that is more important to me than saving my husband's life. He is the father of MY children. He has no choice but to be here. 
Our year+ long process will start with chemotherapy and radiation in a few weeks. That will eventually lead to the extraction of the tumor and affected lymph-nodes, more chemo, then the removal of the tumors in the lungs, followed by more chemo. This will not be an easy fix. It will be tough. But I am certain that with our faith in God and our love for one another, we can overcome this. This is sure to be tougher than any mountain he has ever climbed; a metaphorical Everest. We can do this and we WILL do this. 
Thank you for all your prayers and support thus far. Please continue to pray for Pete's emotional and physical wellbeing. Please pray for a sense of continuity for our children as our lives are turned upside down. Please pray that I would have sufficient strength to continue to serve and support Pete as he takes this journey. Please pray that we would maintain our positive outlook. But most of all, pray that our faith in God and His plan would prevail above all. 

With love,

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  1. Peter,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

    -Todd Palmer