Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

God is teaching us an abundance of lessons through all of this and He is using many of you as his vessels.  Thank you for ALL your support, prayers, and love. It is truly overwhelming.
At church this past sunday our pastor stated, "If someone on the body of Christ has a gift, I believe they should be recognized." So I want you all to know you have specific gifts and God is using YOU to further His kingdom through this experience. I wanted to use this time to share some of the many ways we have been blessed by all of you over the past few weeks.
Online networking has been such a valuable tool in spreading the word about Pete's diagnosis. In addition to your prayers, some of you have then passed on that information to prayer warrior friends and prayer groups. Thank you for that. God is using YOU!
We have also received an abundance of messages and calls filled with encouragement from friends and acquaintances. These words have helped us maintain a positive attitude in the midst of the unknown. Thank you for that. God is using YOU!
Many people have asked what they can do to help. We have had offers of home cooked meals, free child care, house cleaning, doing our errands, bringing coffee over, and hugs, just to name a few. Friends and family have also offered to fly out from all over the US to serve as live-in-nannies as well as just to be near in the event we need additional support. Wow, is all I can say. Thank you for that. God is using YOU!
We were very surprised when God used many of you to bless us with a special gift of relaxation and time together. We will be taking advantage of that next week. If that was you, thank you for that. God is using YOU!
We understand that this is a difficult situation and sometimes it's hard to know what to say. That's okay. Please know that God is still using YOU. We are confident that He has placed each and every one of you in our lives for a specific reason.
I want to end this by sharing with you a small excerpt from an old friend of mine. Keep in mind that this is just one example of how God is using His body to uplift us during this time. She wrote,

"We have been entering into prayer several times a day for you guys and I can't begin to tell you what peace I have been given. I can only imagine the thoughts and emotions you and Pete must be feeling and thinking daily but please know that you dont stand in this battle alone. I have had such a difficult time the past few days trying to figure out exactly what to say to you and I still dont know what to say but I can give you some truths. You are an incredibly strong woman of faith. God never gives us anything more than we can handle and the things he gives us are for HIS glory. We are often pinched, poked and prodded as He is molding us into what HE wants us to be. Out of every crossroad we encounter as Christians, He provides for us, loves us and brings forth a testimony. I have faith that a year from now you and Pete will be singing His praises together and sharing your beautiful testimony of divine healing."

Thank you for being God's instruments and for reminding us that we do not stand in this alone. You 
have turned a difficult situation into something bearable.

With Love,

Matthew 22:39

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