Monday, June 25, 2012


I apologize that it seems Alysha and I only blog to vent in times of doubt and frustration, though, unfortunately, that's what our life is full of right now. We thought we had a clear path to follow for alternative treatment and faith in the program that we decided on but are having serious doubts about the validity of the program and of even the man behind it all. I know Alysha had her doubts in the beginning, though I felt because of the comprehensiveness of what we were presented, that it was the right thing for me. Maybe i'm a sucker and it really is just a scam, a very elaborate one, or maybe this guy has just thrown together a bunch of stuff he's researched and half-asses his way through recommending what someone who's placed their life in his hands should follow. Due to the incomplete nature of the information that we've been provided, sketchy communications from him, and odd manner of getting materials and supplements through another supposed patient; late, incomplete, already opened, my patience and trust in this whole thing has been shaken and am in serious doubt of it being safe. I went to get blood tests done today, which due to the nature of some of the extra screenings that this treatment from "Not-a-Dr. Pablo" requested, had to be done at the infusion clinic where I have gone for chemo as a normal lab couldn't do them and even this morning they were still trying to figure out exactly what the labs were, most of which they had never seen or administered before, and needed clarification on most of them before they could draw the lab to make sure it was right. Not being their fault at all but that of the source request; Dr. Pablo, the guy providing, well, proctoring the treatment. Just like the rest of his information thus far, the lab requests were vague and incomplete. This is kind of the last straw. We don't even know if we could get our money back but are feeling like we need to cut our loses and find another alternative. I'm really sick of not "getting what we pay for" from the very beginning of this whole fight. Chemo, now this. Why can't life or death situations be more simple?!

We haven't ruled anything out even though we felt we definitely needed to seek an alternative to chemo. Who knows, maybe i just need to go ahead with the next drug they would try, loose all my hair anyways and see if that one works. That being said, we're still going to consult with an actual naturopathic Dr., yes a real Doctor now, later this week, originally to supplement the therapy we started, but now to seek professional advise on what she would recommend from scratch and have also requested a distance consult to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston at the prompting of friends of friends that have been treated there. I feel at a lose for knowing what the best route to take is, though we'll keep trying each path and coming back to the fork in the road to seek out the next when it doesn't work. It's a big fork now; getting lost in the world of medicine and natural remedies, to even remember when you last left off. We just need to keep the faith that God will lead us down the right path when it's time. Thanks for the continuing support to help us keep on keeping on!


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  1. i love you Pete, I'm with you every step of the way