Friday, January 20, 2012


The past couple of days have been tough on us all. Pete has started to experience the real side effects of chemo and as a result has been feeling down and frustrated. I have found it difficult to maintain the positivity in the house, therefore I decided to retreat into my own little bubble. Many of you might be wondering how that's been working out for me - it hasn't. So, I am once again ready to confront this reality because that's the only choice I have.

 This morning we received a prayer quilt from our church back in Abu Dhabi. It was such a blessing and a welcomed reminder that people are praying for us all over the world. As a result I began to ponder the many blessings this situation has brought along and let me just say, they are abundant.

Many of you might remember the ever-changing Facebook updates posted around November 2010 in which I announced or exit from Abu Dhabi due to Pete's job. Shortly after that we decided we were staying put but then once again decided to return stateside. I know many of you were quite confused by all the changes and so were we.

When Pete's company first decided they would be cutting his position in Abu Dhabi we were shocked. We thought he was safe from the all too common effects of the poor economy. Well, we were wrong. Once they revealed they would be offering him a position in New Hampshire and then re-sended their proposal, instead offering him the opportunity to stay in Abu Dhabi in exchange for a lower salary; we declined. That's when we decided to take our chances and move back to the states. But what we we going to do? Where would we go? After all, Pete had already decided we would never return to California. Taxes were too high and it just wasn't where he wanted to be. Me being the compliant wife, I agreed. After all, always love a fresh start and a change of scenery. At one point we honestly considered throwing darts at a map!

When I suggested he return to school, there was really only one option for us; to return to California. That change would afford us the luxury of being near family, a school-system I was familiar with, and a university within biking distance. It was the perfect choice!

When we made the big move, Pete had no job offers. We had even decided that if he was offered a job, he would turn it down because it would interfere with him pursuing his education. To our surprise and dismay, he was offered a job right away. But not just any job. A job which would allow him to expand his career and still allow me to stay home with the kids. So, he accepted. Our plans were once again proven to be incorrect.

In retrospect we can see exactly why this all happened. While in Abu Dhabi we were not paying into state disability as we had no affiliation with any state; we were expats. However, all that changed when Pete began working for his current employer. Had our current situation come to the light during any other time, we would not have been eligible for state disability benefits. In addition, could you imagine what might have happened if he had gone back to school? What would we have done without health insurance - how could we have covered the medical expenses? These are just a few of the ways our plans were foiled in an effort for God to allow His will to be done.

In addition to these abundant blessings, one very real blessing is the gift of family time together. Before Pete came home from his last trip to Abu Dhabi, he came to the conclusion that we had been apart for 50 percent of our relationship. That was a shocker! So, it's no surprise that we are very blessed by our new found time together. It has given us so many opportunities for growth as a family and as a couple. 

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Let this be a reminder that God always knows what He's doing in our lives.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give young hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

With love, Alysha

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