Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Power of a Story

I have always been fascinated with people and I have had the honor of meeting some truly beautiful people, inside and out. I have always felt that everyone has a story to tell. Some are filled with excitement and adventure while others are riddled with devastation and loss. Stories are so powerful because they are real. A person has endured that story and lived to tell it.
I have had the pleasure of hearing some of these stories during my travels or stints of living abroad. I have met people living in landfills and listened to them pour out their fears around not being able to feed or clothe their children. I have met homeless people on the streets of San Francisco; desperate for a warm bed and a shower. I have met domestic servants who have given up their dreams of ever being married or having a family of their own because they were obligated to start work at a young age in order to support their family back home.
Many of these stories have pulled on my heart strings. They have left me laying awake at night in prayer and petition before God asking him to change these circumstances. And then I realize that even children of God suffer and go through difficult times. But the real blessing comes when we share our story to bring glory to God. Each of these circumstances, though trying, can be used to honor our Father. There may be someone out there who needs to hear YOUR specific story because it will speak to their heart. This is exactly why we struggle in life; because our story could bring someone hope.
I have always wondered if anyone was reading my blog and if it was really worth the time and effort. It turns out people are reading it and they are inspired. That's a great feeling. It is my hope that God might use these words to speak to someone in the midst of their own battle and that it will give them hope.
I also know that my husband has a story. His is perhaps more powerful than mine or maybe I believe that because it is somewhat of a mystery to me. At the moment, his story is being hidden within. However, I believe that in time he will feel the need to release it. I mentioned to him that the cancer support center at Enloe has had a difficult time maintaining interest in a colorectal cancer support group and suggested he start one. He replied that he didn't think he had lived "it" for long enough to lead a group. I beg to differ. I know he can and will be used when he is ready.
Please join with me in praying that he will begin to reach out to others. It is my hope that God will prompt him to release his story. I know it's a good one. Now here's hoping he realizes it.

With love,

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  1. Honey, you definitely are a gifted story telling and am grateful that you have been the 'voice' of our journey thus far. And it is 'our' journey; it's not just what i'm going through or feeling, not by along shot. We're in this together and your journey, and that of the kids, is just as important as mine, more so in fact to me. Even from the beginning, i've worried more about our family and how I would provide for and protect you from this rather than focus on my own feelings or misgivings.

    I do really enjoy putting my feelings and thoughts into words for others to share in, though it's a story still in the making. Writing has always been a passion, well more of an obsession for me as a perfectionist though I haven't had the time or outlet for a long time to focus on it since I wrote that 30 pg term paper for a college class a couple years back that only required 8 pgs. Now I do. All in due time... I love you!